Plastic Recycling Solutions
for a Greener Environment

Who We Are

NK Plastics (Nakamura Kasei Kogyo) has been a supplier of thermoplastics materials and recycling services since 1969. Currently our key business is the recycling of pallets and crates for a wide range of industries across Japan. Purchased materials are reprocessed and used in new pallets and crates. All of our materials are quality tested and controlled.

The environment is a key concern to us and we continually strive to promote sustainability through innovative recycling solutions.

President of NK PlasticsMark Borer

What We Do

  • Purchase of scrap and surplus materials. We are always looking for new source materials, particularly pallets, crates and automotive parts.
  • Recycling of plastic pallets and crates. With our large-scale recycling facilities, we provide quality-insured toll processing for the food, beverage and automotive industries.
  • Sales of new pallets and crates. We can provide products to meet most material handling needs.
  • Distribution of thermoplastic materials including virgin, off-grade and recycled plastics.

Company Info

Company name NK Plastics (Nakamura Kasei)
Established 1967
President & CEO Mark Borer
Certifications ISO 9001:2015
ISO 14001:2015
Location 112-10 Nishishinmachi
Ota, Gunma 373-0847 JAPAN
Contact Phone: +81-276-31-0233
Fax: +81-276-31-6338